æther [ee-ther] : the alchemical substance that promotes health, beauty, and longevity


We know what it's like.  Life catches up with you: Stressed out. One too many late nights. Forgetting to feed your body with the nutrition it needs. It's not a revolutionary concept, but it seems that with every step we've taken towards making the world more connected, we have somehow lost sight of the basics. 

When your body isn't functioning properly, it can effect every area of your life. 

When your system isn't clean, your body isn't functioning properly. 

Sound simple? Like all good things, it is. Our organic tea blends are formulated to detoxify, improve digestion, break down fat, aid weight loss, and lower stress while increasing energy levels so you can look and feel your best. 

Clear mind. Clean body. Drink AETHER. 


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